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Jan 16, 2017

FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS BANGLADESH: Detoxification – Liver and Kidneys

FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS BANGLADESH: Detoxification – Liver and Kidneys: The liver and the kidneys are the main filters in charge of cleaning the body of toxins, which come from foods, drugs, the environment, ...

Detoxification – Liver and Kidneys

The liver and the kidneys are the main filters in charge of cleaning the body of toxins, which come from foods, drugs, the environment, etc.


Some of these toxins tend to be released by the skin, which can cause pimples, secretions and irritation on any part of the body.
To rid these organs and the general organism from these toxins and impurities, it is necessary to undergo a detoxification treatment through fasting.

A general poisoning of the body occurs because of the existence of many toxins that the enter in the blood, whether by consumption of alcohol, smog, smoking, the taking of drugs or eating foods high in toxins like red meat (especially pork). The effects of this  are primarily on the liver  and the kidneys which can cause serious problems and diseases.

Suggested Treatment:
First of all, it is recommended to make a change in diet that includes a tremendous  amount of juices, fruits and vegetables.
Being a fast for 1 to 3 days drinking just orange or grape juice with Aloe Vera Juice. Daily steam baths are recommended (3-5 days) for the purpose of helping the body expel these toxins.

Warning! When liver problems become chronic and degenerative they are very dangerous and can even cause death. Consult your physician.

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May 26, 2015

New and Improved Fish oil for healthy heart ,joint,skin and brain

Hello viewers,With great pleasure I informed you that Forever Living Products New and Improved mercury free Arctic Sea Omega 3 now available in Bangladesh.
At first I want to discuss -what is Arctic sea Omega 3
Forever Living Products Arctic sea Super Omega  is high quality fish oil with the enhanced benefits of pure olive oil with Omega 9 and the additional benefits of Vitamin E as antioxidant.

Sep 19, 2014

Grand Opening ceremony of Chittagong FLP office

Opening Ceremony of Forever Living Products,Chittagong office

flp chairman with me
ME with Rex Moughan (Founder & CEO) of FLP Intl. 15/09/2014
Hello FLP Distributors
The day was 15th September,2014.Special day for us who are working in FLP as a "Independent distributor".Because It's a milestone for our business in Bangladesh.We just achieved a new goal.
Our honorable chairman of FLP Mr.Rex Moughan who comes from USA to Bangladesh to attend this opening ceremony of chittagong flp office.After grand opening of chittagong flp office he declared that Bangladesh now officially enter to receive chairman bonus every year.
He also took part of some discussion with new distributors.Shares his some life history.
He also spokes about motivation,passion,patience,goal.
He said to create new friends of any ages,any communities everyday  every moment. One day it will become a great opportunity for you.
In the mid of program he gave the prize to quiz contest winner and suggest every winner to carry on their profession with aloe vera company-the forever living products,us.
He said forever not only in us or bangladesh.FLP is in everywhere in the world.Forever living products runs its business in 155 countries of the world.Forever basically famous for  Aloe vera Gel-the power of immortality.
He said if we support him he used to made a resort in cox'sbazar for flp distributors to enjoy and stay free here with their family.He said flp has lots of resorts in the world.
At last he cut the ribbon and declared the opening ceremony of chittagong office and can start buy aloe vera products form this office just now.
At afternoon he back to dhaka and goodbye.

Apr 3, 2014